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Advanced Material Development

MSI's advanced material development team is focused on developing new materials and capabilities to support more challenging transducers design. All this while focusing on:

  • Extremely short lead-times
  • Low development cost
  • Advanced material properties

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3D Printed Materials (Additive Manufacturing)

MSI has partnered with Lithoz and MITRE to create a process enabling the printing of 3D ceramic parts. These parts have measured material and piezoelectric results that were the same or better than conventionally manufactured materials. Where the ability to 3D print the parts allows for some very unique structures that cannot be made using conventional manufacturing processes.

MSI 3D Printed Image
MSI 3D Printed Image

In addition to the unique parts, more traditional parts can be made rapidly at a lower cost. This allows designers to make quick prototypes of parts to test out without having to wait weeks for the parts to be made using traditional manufacturing.

Matching/Backing Layers and Polymers

MSI has developed, and continues to develop, materials that improves the overall acoustic design. These materials allow transducers to operate with:

  • Greater bandwidth
  • Increased TVR/RVS
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Deep operation
  • High temperatures

MSI specializes in custom designed transducers to fit any application.